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Oct. 23, 2023 | Meta Quest Update

Quick update to the Meta Quest build to make some things more obvious (such as saving) as well as some possible fixes to crashes.

  • The watch now points to the upper-road tunnels during the quest where you have to find the landsharks after they talk to Botan!

  • Fishing will now indicate on the rod when to change your grip in order to stabilize it during the mini-game portion.

  • It's now more obvious where to find clams and that you need to use your net to catch them.

    • They also now can be caught with your hands!

  • The mini-map Minami drops by your apartment that players are required to pick will now glow to make it more obvious it needs to be picked up.

  • The mini-map now includes tunnels to help make it more obvious they are suppose to be used. (More map quality of life updates to come in the future!)

  • There will now be a visual cue for when the game is saving to make it more clear when its safe to stop:

    • The game saves at the end of every quest after you go to bed.

    • However, sleeping during a quest will not save your progress. (A revamp of the save system will come at a later date!)

  • A possible fix to the following Mashiro quest crash!

    • Even if you do crash, it should load you into the next quest when you load back into the game.

  • And a few more random small bug fixes!

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